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Skydiver to perform stunt over Dokdo

Skydiver to perform stunt over Dokdo

Lee Dae-ho
By Kwon Ji-youn

Lee Dae-ho, a skydiving instructor, will take to the air over the nation¡¯s easternmost islets of Dokdo. 

Last September, Lee promoted the nation¡¯s sovereignty over Dokdo by skydiving clad in a ¡°Dokdo¡± shirt. 

Recently, he was asked by a crowd-funding service to work with them on a project that would raise the funds needed to dive over the Dokdo sky. 

¡°If we are able to collect 10 million won, I will hold up a Dokdo banner as I jump from 13,000 feet,¡± he said. 

¡°If we do not collect enough, I will add to the expenses. If we receive too much, I will donate it to a Dokdo-related foundation,¡± he added.

Crowd-funding, otherwise known as crowd-sourced fundraising, is done by individuals who raise funds online to support events and causes by organizations. 

Lee hopes to perform his stunt on March 1. He is partnering with a pilot in preparation for the stunt and is awaiting permission from authorities. 

¡°I am looking into skydiving with a celebrity who has continuously publicized the nation¡¯s sovereign right to Dokdo,¡± he said. ¡°I hope to make it one of the best March 1 Independence Movement Day events in history.¡± 

Lee first skydived while he was an officer in a Special Forces unit in 2004. He says that nothing makes him feel as free as plunging through the air from an airplane.

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